Gregory Porter Is Touring Germany From November-14 until 25

January 19, 2015

“Un-reroute the river / let the dam water be – there are some people down the way who are thirsty / so let the liquid spirit free. The people are thirsty ’cause of man’s unnatural hand / watch what happens when the people catch wind of water hitting the banks, that hard dry land”.

These are the lyrics of Gregory Porter’s newest hit “Liquid Spirit”, a deep down soulful jazz song, who express the singer’s passion for earthy and true music. His mighty voice reach the people in the very first moment he begins to sing. It is a variability in his voice, colourful and unique. With his warm timbre Gregory Porter can modulate scat singing, duets or complete solo interludes like no other artist of today. “Liquid Spirit” is the main song of his last album, which came out this summer. It contains sixteen exquisite songs, thirteen of them are originals written by Gregory Porter, three others are songs out of the feather from Abbey Lincoln & Max Roach, Sammy Cahn & Jule Styrne and Billy Page.

Gregory Porter is accompanied by a fine group of musicians, who easily understand Gregory Porter’s artistic world. They perfectly fit together on a high musical level the compositions prescribe. In the liner notes of the album Gregory Porter thanks listeners with words of one of his songs: “Seek some place to call your own, right next to this mighty shining throne, when love was king, when love was king”.

Live on stage Gregory Porter is a master of ceremonies. His mysterious aura culminates in his simple appearance. A giant figure of two meters with hands like a boxer. Next week he is touring Germany in the course of the event series “Jazz Nights” together with the soulful jazz lady Lizz Wright. We are watching the concert in Bremen, November-24 at the “Glocke” hall, which is a great place to hear finest music.

Here are all the dates:

Nov-14, 2013
Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern
Nov-15, 2013
Circus Krone, Munich
Nov-16, 2013
Konzerthaus, Dortmund
Nov-18, 2013
Stadthalle, Heidelberg
Nov-19, 2013
Alte Oper, Frankfurt/Main
Nov-20, 2013
Theater am Aegi, Hannover
Nov-21, 2013
Kammermusiksaal, Berlin
Nov-23, 2013
Laeiszhalle, Hamburg
Nov-24, 2013
Die Glocke, Bremen
Nov-25, 2013
Tonhalle, Düsseldorf

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