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Bliss Quintet

Bliss Quintet

About this project

With a playful interaction and energetic presence, the BLISS Quintet has quickly established itself as a forward-thinking band within the Norwegian jazz community. Their music is a fine balance of composed and improvised, beautiful and violent, structured and playful, intimate and epic.

The band has its origins in the jazz line at NTNU, and has played at many venues and festivals including the Nasjonal Jazzscene, Dølajazz, Canal Street and Christiania Jazzclub. In 2020, they played on the renowned talent stage Nordic Showcase during the Oslo Jazz Festival and were selected by the festival to be part of their main program in 2021.

In 2022, the BLISS Quintet release their long-awaited and eagerly anticipated debut album “Dramaqueen” on Jazzland Recordings. The brand new album has a rich range of colors and expressions, where the music is rhythmically pulsating with sonorous and melodic touches. “Dramaqueen” derives its unique character from its tones and musical choices through the use of microtonality, strong riffs and honest solos.

The BLISS Quintet has a unique instrumental line-up with instruments such as a quarter-toned trumpet and acoustic fretless bass guitar. These elements play a key role in embuing “Dramaqueen” with a unique musicality, defamiliarising without dominating the sound. Their performances allow all the musicians contribute with intricate compositions and personal touches.


– “Bliss Quintet is populated by five of Norway’s most promising jazz musicians. Their debut album confirms it in every way.” Tor Hammerø, NETTAVISEN (NO)

“Here’s yet another impressive-sounding young Norwegian band for the future” Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise (UK)

“A good blend of melody and carefree wildness.” – Rob Adams, London Jazz News (UK)



Oscar Andreas Haug – trumpet
Zakarias Meyer Øverli – saxophone
Benjamín Gísli Einarsson – piano
Gard Kronborg – bass
Rino Sivathas – drums