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Marcin Losik

Marcin Losik

About this project

Marcin Losik is a classical trained pianist. Out of this education he developed his very own style of composing, which directly brings him into jazz, or better to improvised music. He uses his improvisational abilities and is all the time searching after new possibilities of expression in the harmonic phrasing. His experiments with chords and intervals take him to new musical spheres and his music is multi-dimensional wide-open spaced. He composed 30 jazz pieces so far.

In all of his compositions you find new stuff, which pushes the piano playing forward. On stage Marcin Losik is a lyrical musician with a big inner quietness. But he also can “outbreak” and is a powerful player then who put a lot of expression into his music. 2007 he received a prestigious award at the well known “Jazz-Piano-Festival” in Warsaw. 2008 he formed his trio.

The members of the trio:

Kwasery Wojcinski is a versatile double bassist with a classical background. His spectrum reach from Baroque music and jazz to contemporary music. He has a deep sound in the lower register and its marked by a fine rhythmic feel. Especially his bow technique allows him to play simultaneously and he is able to define counterpoints against the soloist. He performed together with jazz greats like Hamid Drake (USA), Perry Robinson (USA) or Klaus Kugel (Germany).

Robert Rasz ends his study of the drums at the “Karol Szymanonwski Academy for Music” in Kattowice with special merits. 2002 he received an award at the “Jazz Junior Festival”. In 2005 he was awarded as “Best Jazzgroup” with his band at the “Warsaw Hopes Festival”. He worked together with artists like Uri Caine and played with him on diverse European music festivals. With his own band “The Light” he released an album in 2008, which received the third place in the category “Best Jazz Album” in Poland.


Date:  May 26, 2014
Skills:  Pianist, Piano Trio
Client:  Marcin Losik